Welcome to Homes and Schools!

Earlier this year, I put a poll on Nextdoor (in the Cary area) asking why they moved to their current house.  I was shocked by the answer.  61% indicated they moved to be closer to better schools.  Obviously, this number doesn’t represent ALL people – it was small in responses (125) and limited to a small area in Cary on a local platform.

However, it emphasized the importance that families in Wake County place on education that so many people were willing to make a life changing decision to uproot themselves in order for their student(s) to attend school somewhere else.

This lit a fire among three things I am passionate about: Education (as a former teacher and district administrator for WCPSS), Homes (as a realtor), and Research (as a geek who MUST learn and teach).

This led me to create this blog as a way to communicate, exchange ideas, and share from a unique perspective.  I will be sharing thoughts and news about schools.  I will be sharing thoughts and interesting information about the housing market in the area as well as home tips and neighborhood information.  I will be sharing anything I feel will be valuable to you as a member of this amazing community.

I’m excited to start this blogging journey with you and I’m always open to feedback and good conversation.  Thanks for visiting!