Selling is an art form

Selling involves SO much more than simply listing your house. My job is to present your home in the best light AND put as many eyes on it as possible.

Nobody Will Get You MORE for your home!

A good listing agent spends lots of time, energy, AND money to maximize selling price and get you the best terms on your home sale. It means marketing your home everywhere through social media and targeted ads to getting you the absolute best photographer, floor plans, and marketing materials, to being vigilant and relentless with every interested agent and potential buyer. 

The difference between me and a "typical" agent is that nothing falls through the cracks and you can be sure that all my energy has gone to making sure your home is as desirable as possible to as many potential buyers as possible. That difference will mean tens of thousands of dollars more to you. 

You only get to sell your home once. With me, I will maximize selling price and get you the most favorable terms I can.

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Comprehensive Listing Plan

Every aspect of selling a home is important. Photos are important. Marketing materials and floor plans and virtual tours are important. Spending my own money to market your home is important. Visibility is important. The old adage "Image is everything" is entirely applicable especially in the current seller market as the potential for increasing sales price exponentially exists.


You get a professional marketing plan - pristine photos, floor plans, virtual tours, video tours, social media and other ad buys, social media marketing, recommendations on home staging, etc.


You get an extremely well thought out and data driven listing price recommendation. We don't want to price your house just on comparable sales. We price for the market. We don't price on what a home might appraise for. We price it to maximize profit and increase chances for bidding wars.


Impeccable attention to detail before, during, and after going to contract. We will come up with a plan together. I will follow-up with EVERY inquiry and search far and wide for EVERY possible buyer I can. Listing agents lose potential offers all the time especially in this market with buyers and buyer agents who are gun shy. My job is to show the value of your home, get the highest price and best terms, and then get to the closing table with as little hassle as possible.

Free Home Valuation

Where do you want to move to after we sell your home? Take a look at these areas!

If you are moving within the Triangle area, I can definitely help you find the perfect home. In a seller's market, it sometimes is as or more important to FIND your next home first. Being able to do the calculus to figure out how to sell AND buy now can be confusing and challenging. I can do that work for you!

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